Window Replacement in hOUSTON tEXAS

We at Bid4roofing provide one of the best window replacements available in the market. We have licensed roofers and building constructors working with the highest level of work ethics. We give superior quality installations and provide a warranty for our material and labour. 

If you’re looking to remodel or replace your old shabby windows then we are the people for you. We offer varied ranges of customizable windows in different materials and styles that you can choose from. No matter what style of Window you want to install we will get it done.


Things to consider before replacing your window:

  1. Type Of Window Frame

The first and foremost thing you need to consider is the type of frame material you want to use. There are several types of material available in the market, each one has its own pros and cons.

Some of the materials are-

Vinyl frame, which is one of the affordable frame options. It is durable, energy-efficient and easy to maintain.

Aluminium frames are very strong. They are good for installation in a high rise building as it holds up against high wind pressure. The window frame in itself is very lightweight but highly durable. 

Composite materials are lightweight, highly energy-efficient and durable. However one of the bad things about composite material is its cost. They can be quite expensive than any other type of window material.

The wooden window frame is loved among most people due to its natural beauty. It is one of the traditional types of Window frames and highly energy efficient. It gives your house aesthetic beauty but it is high maintenance.

  1. Energy Efficiency

The second thing you need to consider is installing a window that is energy efficient. If you want to insulate your house in a better way the proper installation is very necessary. Fault in installation can cause leakage in the window frame and let outside air to come in. 

We have years of experience in installing windows. We know how to make sure that there is no air leakage from cracks and joints.

You also need to consider the type of window panel to choose to keep the heat outside, at the same time provide natural light in the house.

  1. Insulation Glass

Insulating Glass is the type of glass installed on windows. Insulated glass is one of the most preferred types of Glass for homeowners. It works excellent to save you from harmful UV rays and reinforces the window. They make windows very hard to break in. They are soundproof, improve the acoustics of the house and insulated glass is energy efficient.

  1. Window Style

Lastly, you should consider is the style of Window you want to construct. Every style of window has its own beauty and functionality. Some of the windows styles are- single and double-hung windows, arched windows, awning windows, bow Windows, casement Windows, Garden Windows, glass block Windows, Hopper windows awning, picture Windows, round circle Windows, skylight Windows, sliding windows, storm windows etc. 

You can install any of these windows or a combination of these for a customised window.

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