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If you’re looking to install a new window for your house you have come to the right place. We at Bid4roofing provide custom window services for residential and commercial buildings. We are a licensed home construction and roofing company specialising in window installations and replacement services. We provide best quality installations at an affordable price. With our expert installation, we transform your home into a beautiful living space. We offer a valid range of customizable new windows. You can choose the type of material, color and style of window and we will install it for you.



Type of windows we install

  1. Single-Hung Window

In a single hung window, the bottom half of the window panel moves up and down while the upper half remains stationary.

  1. Double-Hung Window 

The double-hung window is somewhat similar to a single hung window. The only difference in the windows is that both the glass panels of the double-hung window can move up and down. It can also be tilted for easy cleaning and maintenance. A double-hung window usually cost more than single hung window

  1. Arched Window

The arched window is more of a vintage style window. The panels of this window usually do not move, it’s completely stationary. However, some arched window opens like a casement. Most arched windows are built for aesthetic beauty and to let in natural lighting in the room. 

  1. Awning Window

Awning windows work best during the rainy season as you can keep the windows open during heavy rain. It won’t let the water get inside your house. It opens up like an awning provides shade and keeps the water away.

  1. Bay Window

Bay window cost a little more than average window installation. It sticks out of the exterior wall and creates a small balcony like area.

  1. Sliding Window

A sliding window is made of two sliding panels. The two or more sliding panels can slide over one another to open the window.

  1. Casement Windows

Casement Windows are typical Windows that open to the side. For people who like outside view and want the option to be able to easily close and open the window panels, a casement window is a good option for them.

  1. Skylight Window

If you want natural light in your house and want to increase the beauty of your home then installing a skylight window on the roof can be a great idea.

Choice of material for the window

1. Vinyl Material

Vinyl Material is one of the most common window frames. It is durable, provides good insulation to the house and is energy-efficient. It requires very little maintenance. It comes in various colours and textures, such as wood grains to make it look like real wood. It is rust-resistant and water-resistant as well.

2. Wood Frames

Wood frames are traditional window frames that look naturally beautiful and give a good thermal performance.

Wood windows can come in various types of timber and increase the aesthetics of your house.

3. Aluminium Frames

Aluminium frames are very lightweight and pretty strong. It can withstand high wind pressure and does not rust or rot that easily.

4. Fiberglass

Fiberglass is known for its strength. It is mostly used in commercial buildings due to his ability to hold up against high impact.

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