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We at Bid4Roofing solutions provide complete roof replacement services across Hudson, Texas. We are licenced roofing contractors working with professional roofers who have years of experience in the roofing business.

If you have an old roof with damaged shingles, damaged wooden beams, rotting roof structure and broken parts, it is probably time that you replace your roof.

Extensive damages in multiple places can be repaired but the repair cost a lot and they are aren’t as effective. You will have to perform frequent repairs of old roofs that are damaged a lot. Old and damaged roofs should be replaced to save money on electricity and future repairs.


Signs of damage

If your shingles are curling upwards or downwards, if the middle starts to curl like a bowl, it means that your shingles are probably damaged from weathering. Such curling can cause leaks in your roof and damage your home structure. It can put damp on your walls and ceiling. Roof replacement is required immediately in such a case.

If a lot of Shingle is missing and if the shingles are cracked, it is another indicator that your roof needs replacement.

Finding granules in Gutter from Asphalt shingle roof can be another indicator of roof damage. Asphalt granules weigh down your shingle and protect the felt matting under the shingle surface.

If you find algae or Moss on your shingle it means the shingles is not water-resistant anymore. The water is getting absorbed by the wooden layer. Algae and Moss are growing in the felt matting underneath. The acidity from the algae can damage the wooden structure of the roof. 

If the entire roof is sagging it is warning bells of water damage and your roof should be immediately replaced.

Flat roofs if installed well works great for at least 10 to 15 years. However, bad installation or old age can damage a flat roof. Flat roofs are more vulnerable to water damage.

Waterlogging is easier on flat roofs than on tiled or shingle roof. It is a problem with flashing, gutter system, edges of the flat roof or the joints, water may leak inside the building and damage the ceiling and roof.

For metal roofs, the major sign for roof replacement is rust. If you notice rust on the metal roof, it is time that you replace your metal roof.

Metal roof panels can also get loose with time and the joint start widen. It can cause a leak. They may happen due to the change in temperature which causes the metal to contract and expand and warp with time.

We provide roof replacement service for commercial and residential buildings for all kinds of roofing system. Our professional roofers will access if your roof needs repair or replacement. We will provide you with the best replacement service in Hudson, Texas at an affordable price with materials that are the best quality. The instalment will in its best shape for the years to come. 

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