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Roofs are the most important aspect of a building. Any compromise in the quality of the roof can cause a lot of damage to the building structure, including its insulation and energy efficiency. A badly insulated roof can increase the electricity bill, make your ceiling and walls damp from the rain. Leaky and damp roofs can grow mould, removing moulds can cost a lot of money.

A damaged roof is ineffective to reflect UV rays that can cause further damage on the roof.


We at Bid4Roofing repair all types of roofs and damages related to roofs. 

How to access a roof for damage?

1. Old tiled or shingle roof can naturally crack due to long-term weathering. A small crack can later grow to be a bigger one and expose the felt material underneath. Felt is quite vulnerable to damage. A damaged felt material can cause a leak on the roof that can let the water to run into your ceiling during rain and compromise insulation. Bad insulation can make your house too hot during summer and too cold during the winter season.

2. During a hailstorm, your shingles, tiles or metal roof can be adversely affected. They can break, form cracks or completely slide off from their place. In such a case, repair should be done immediately.

3. Sometimes the roof damage isn’t as eminent, however, you might notice damp marks on your ceiling which can be an indicator of unnoticed leakage in the roof.

4. Many flat roofing systems crack by drying out in the sun. The roof material heats and cools every day for years as the result the roof loses the protective roofing sealant that keeps it watertight.

5. The granules on the shingles add weight and fire resistance to it. The granules protect the felt matting underneath. Old Asphalt shingles can lose their granule exposing the felt matting which is very vulnerable to the weather elements.

6. For a commercial flat roof, old EPDM roofs can get rips on its surface and lose its water-resistance.

7. TPU coating on the roof can crack over time due to sun and heat exposure. If your roof is more than 15 to 20 years old, do access the roof for damage

8. The major roof problem for flat roof happens due to waterlogging and old age. When the water drainage system stops working properly, water gets logged on the flat roof. It can eventually damage your roof and seep into the house to damage your ceiling and walls.

9. If EPDM rubber membrane waves in the wind, it is time to call repair service

10. Metal roofs are highly vulnerable to Hail damage special especially if they are old metal shingles. They can bend the metal surface, cause damage on the ridges, in the seams, put holes on the metal. 

Assessing roof damage can be very difficult and dangerous. Most construction deaths occur by falling from the roof. If you do not have the right equipment and the right expertise you shouldn’t climb on the roof or try to assess the damage. Call our inspection team who can correctly assess the damage and determine the type of repair needed.

We will provide you with the estimated cost. Our expert team will repair your roof, no matter how small or big the problem is. With our effective repair, you wouldn’t need to worry about your roof for the next 5 to 10 years.

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