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Bid4Roofing is licenced roofing contractors for the state of Texas. We provide roofing, siding and windows services. We are one of the best and affordable roofing services in Hudson, Texas. We give good quality roof installation service that stays strong, watertight and looks beautiful increasing your property value.


Types of roof we install

1. Flat Roof

We install a PVC membrane roof, EPDM rubber roof, TPO insulation and Bitumen flat roof. Commercial buildings usually prefer a flat roof over metal or shingles. As many flat roofs can hold utility lines and are easily accessible for air conditioning vents, chimneys and satellite dishes.

2. Shingled Roof

Shingles are affordable, watertight and easy installable roofing system. They are preferred by residential houses more than any other type of roofing system. Proper installation is very important for shingles, especially on the edges where the possibility of leakage is the most. Our experienced shingling experts will install the shingles in a perfect way. And secure your roof so that there is no leakage in the future.

The types of shingles we install are 3 tab shingles, two tab shingles, tiled roof shingles, wood roof shingles, asphalt shingles. The shingles come in various colors, you can choose from that compliments your house and looks the best. A properly installed shingle roof is good for 10 to 15 years without needing any repairs.

3. Metal Roof

Choosing the right kind of metal sheet for the metal roof is the most important part of metal roof installation. We provide expert knowledge, we will suggest you with the best quality material that is rust-resistant, water-resistant and provides the best insulation to your house. It makes your house energy efficient. Metal roofs are preferred by many people because of its sleek look and durability. They are quite durable against bad weather. Installation must be done properly so that the metal sheet does not come apart from the roof surface during Stormy weather.

4. Flashing

Installing a flashing for the roof is the most important part of a better water drainage system and to keep your roof from getting water damaged. 

Gutter system installation

Our roofing handyman has extensive knowledge of Gutter system installation. We know how the gutter should be installed so the water is directed away from your house. The water should not fall on any electric metres, hose bibs or sidewalk. We install the gutter so the water runs away from the roof and not get log inside the gutter. We can also install fascia boards if it is not already installed.

Why should you choose us

1. We provide superior quality installation with the best quality material available in the market at an affordable price.

2. We have licensed and experienced roofers who have worked with several projects all over Texas and are the best at their jobs.

3. We value work ethics and finish our jobs on time.

4. We will get all the permits needed for installation and construction at your property from the local authority.

5. We help you file roof insurance. 

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