For people who want to increase the longevity of their roofs, roof coating or sealant can be a great solution. Coating your roof with sealant is much cheaper than complete roof replacement. If you suspect roof damage or see your ceiling and walls getting damp during rain, seal coating your roof can save you from major damage.

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How do roof coating and sealant benefit your roof?

1. Roof sealant protects your roof from leaks and water damage. Flat roofs with bad drainage system can hold water if the roof is not watertight, the water can seep inside the roof through cracks and damaged areas. Coating your roof makes it watertight. 

2. Certain roof coatings are specifically UV resistant. They increase the durability of the roof by saving it from ultraviolet rays of the Sun.

3. Applying sealant on shingles can increase the quality of your roof shingles. It gives shingles roofs extra protection saving it from the sun, rain and ice during a hailstorm. It keeps granules on the shingle intact making it more durable.

4. Roof coating prevents roof shingles from weathering. Weathering occurs when a change of temperature happens, and the roofing materials like shingles have a tendency to expand during high temperature and contract during low. This expansion and contraction can warp the single and make it curl up with time. Putting roof coating on top of roofing material makes a layer on top which insulates the roofing material from external temperature. The material is less likely to weather and less likely to suffer from cracks and damage.

5. Some sealant and coatings make your roof fire-resistant. 

6. It prevents the growth of mold and algae on the felt material below the single

7. Some roof coatings claim to make your house more energy-efficient. However, it should be noted that not all sealant well provide you with all the above mentioned functions. We can help you choose the right kind of roof coating to fulfill all your roofing needs. We will provide you with a detailed product description and our experience with each type of roof coating product.

Why should you call for professional help for applying roof coating and sealant?

Climbing the roof without proper gear can be very dangerous. Professionals come with the proper equipment and have the perfect experience to work safely.

Applying the sealant or coating on the roof is not as easy as it sounds. There are ways in which the coating should be applied. The material needs to be mixed in a fixed proportion that only professionals can do properly for maximum efficiency. 

We at Bid4roofing provide an installation warranty on our work for roof coating depending on the type of coating and sealant material. We will also help you choose the right kind of sealant for your roof so it fits in your budget and gives you the most efficiency.

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