Metal Roofing in hOUSTON tEXAS

If you are looking to install a brand new roof for your house or your wanting to replace an old one, metal roofing can be a great solution. It is Energy Efficient, provides better insulation and has great looks. 

Metal roofs can be considered one of the most durable roof types for residential houses and commercial buildings. They need the least maintenance among all the roof types and are environmentally friendly because of their recyclable nature. Another reason why the metal roof is preferred over any other type of roof is due to their fire resistance. It does not light on Fire and has a very high melting point. It is very good for reflecting UV rays and keeping your house cool during hot Texas summers.


Types of metal roof:

1. Galvanized Metal As A Roofing Material

This type of metal roof is made by combining two or more types of metal. Metals such as steel, aluminium, zinc, copper are mixed with non-metals such as carbon and silicon to make strong rust-resistant, waterproof and fire-resistant material that does not corrode easily. It stands well against the weather elements as well. This type of metals can be coloured with various Paints and look beautiful on roofs. They are also considered one of the cheapest metal roof types.

2. Aluminium Roof

Another type of metal roof is aluminium roofing. Aluminium works great for very Harsh weather conditions. It is lightweight, has good strength and is highly recyclable. So it’s good for nature. There is almost no rusting of corrosion in Aluminium Roof. 

3. Stainless Steel

Stainless steel roofing is a type of roofing material is made up of an alloy of Steel. It is a mixture of Steel and chromium. Stainless steel is used in many of the commercial structures and is very expensive but very strong, highly rust-resistant and highly durable. It holds pretty well against the weather elements and does not crack or bent over time. It is a bit on the expensive side if you are installing a stainless steel roof be sure to invest in good installation to maximize the efficiency of the material.

4. Metal Roof Repair

A metal roof can get damaged due to a hailstorm. The most vulnerable parts of the metal roofing system are the seams, ridges and the hop caps or any place when the panel edges meet.

Metal roofing can also be damaged during bad weather such as a high storm. Air turbulence during high wind can lose the metal panels. It can be blown off or distorted metal roofs due to a difference in pressure during high wind. Loose or distorted metal panels can cause leakage during rain.

Bid4Roofing installs and repairs all types of metal roofs. We provide a water-resistant coating on the metal roof. We paint the metal roof to waterproof it. We provide metal roof replacement and installation.

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