Fiber Siding Installation in hOUSTON tEXAS

You have to keep in mind multiple factors while choosing siding material for your house. With so many options available in the market, it becomes difficult to choose what would be the best for you. 

Most housebuilders say that siding is the first line of defence against weather elements. It protects your walls and the inner structure of your house. It is also the first thing that people notice about your house. A beautiful siding will transform your house into something magical. The right kind of material, color and texture can make your house look beautiful and aesthetically pleasing. It increases your property value as well.

Fiber Siding Installation Houston, TX

What is fiber siding made of?

Fiber siding is made of Wood Pulp and Portland cement. The combination of the two makes the siding lightweight but sturdy. It is portable so the cost of installation and transportation is lower than metal or wooden siding. 

Why should you install Fiber cement siding?

Fiber cement siding looks beautiful. It almost mimics real stone or brick walls. The texture of the material gives the appearance of stone or concrete wall from a distance, that’s why is favourite of many homeowners.

it is also considered a cheaper and far more durable option if you are revamping your house. The cost of scraping off old paint and then reapplying a coat of fresh paint can be pretty costly and time-consuming. The finished product might not look as good. 

There is a wide range of colors available for fiber siding. 

It provides better insulation for your wall. It protects the insulation inside the wall, gives extra insulation and protects the utility pipes from weather elements. 

fiber sidings make your house more energy-efficient.

fiber cement siding also makes your house impact resistance during bad weather conditions such a storm.

It makes your house fire resistant. The material does not burn easily. 

fiber siding is far more flexible than any other type of siding material and less likely to get wear and tear.

Some fiber sidings also protect your house from harmful UV rays and from getting too hot during the summer.


Maintenance for fiber cement siding is far easier than the maintenance of painted walls or wooden siding. You can clean the siding by spraying water through a hose once a year. The siding is water-resistant so it will dry out easily and won’t let the insulation inside the wall get wet.

Installation Process

We at Bid4roofing provide professional help in installation of fiber cement siding. We use rustproof and stainless steel nails with the best sealant material that is durable.

We provide an installation warranty for installation done by us. 

Many people try to install the siding themselves, It might cut down for the time, however, in the long run, your siding is more likely to get detached from the wall and fall off. You would need costly repairs and wall damage.

Our installers are a professional handyman. We secure the sidings strongly to the wall so it is good to go for at least 10 to 15 years. The work will look clean and precise. Our workers have the right equipment and gear for siding installation.

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