Commercial rOOFing in hOUSTON tEXAS

We at Bid 4 Roofing provide all kinds of roofing services for commercial buildings. We install, repair and provide a replacement for commercial roofs. 

Most commercial roofs are flat slope roof. We have licenced roofing contractor crew specialize in working on flat roofs. We provide the best quality service and material available in the market.

Commercial Roofing In Houston, TX

Types of commercial roof we build:

1. EPDM Roofing 

EPDM also is known as Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomers is a synthetic rubber material used for roofing. It is typically used to make a flat roof. The EPDM membrane is added to the roof surface mechanically or manually. It can adhere to the roof surface with liquid adhesive or special roofing tapes.

EPDM is far more sustainable than typical residential roofs made from shingles or tiles. They can withstand harsh elements of weather, insulate the building increasing its energy efficiency.

2. TPO Roofing

TPO also is known as Thermoplastic Polyolefin is one of the most affordable roofing solutions for commercial roofing. The reflective surface does a good job of keeping the building cool. It comes at a low price range compared to most commercial roofing solution.

TPO can be attached to the roofing surface with an adhesive or it can be welded on the edges around the AC vents and chimney openings for a watertight seal. Choosing the right kind of TPO material is very essential as TPO can vary a lot in product quality. You should always consult a professional roofer before purchasing TPO.

3. PVC Roofing

PVC also is known as polyvinyl chloride, this is a two-ply roofing method. Two layers of Roofing material is applied on the roof and the layers are attached with a special adhesive. PVC makes the roof watertight and UV stable. AS a result, it makes your roof resistant to moisture and heat which is good for energy efficiency. PVC can be installed by adhesive or heat welding it to the roof.

4. Metal Roofing

Metal roofs are usually installed on roofs with the higher slope. It is quite durable. It can come in different colors, making your roof look beautiful. Some of the common types of material used in metal roofs are galvanized metal, aluminium metal sheets, stainless steel metal sheets and copper metal sheets.

Other services

We repair all types of roofs from flat roof to metal and shingles for commercial buildings. We also repair the drainage system, damaged gutter system and fascia boards.

We provide roof coating and sealant to make it watertight and heat resistant.

Why should you choose us?

1. We work with the highest level of expertise in roof installation and repair. We have worked with almost all kinds of roofing systems.

2. We work with good work ethics, finishing our jobs in time and only billing you what is justified. We do not ever overcharge our clients.

3. We are certified contractors and all our workers have licensed roofing professionals.

4. All our workers are insured under the state government.

5. We provide warranty depending on the type of roof we are installing.

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