Many people are now environmentally conscious and prefer green or eco-friendly options in their home. So, they use low flow toilets or put timers on their lights. There are many eco-friendly options available nowadays in many different things. So, what are your options when it comes to roofing? 

If you’re building a home or thinking of replacing your roof then here are some eco-friendly roofing solutions for you to consider. 



1. Recycled Shingles

This is the most popular and perhaps the best options among all roofing materials. They are made from recycled waste of plastic, rubber, wooder or other waste products of home and factory. They’re extremely durable and last long. And best of all, none could ever understand that its made of recycled waste. They also come with life time warranty. Few of them also carry fire ratings that could decrease your insurance pay. 

2. Wood Shingles Made From Reclaimed Lumber  

If you’re considering Wooden shingles, its better if you can buy product made from reclaimed lumber. The company which manufactures this collect old wood materials from mills, old water tanks and other sources. You can also use these wooden materials for siding. 

3. Slate Tiles As Roof 

Slate Tiles are natural products and their roofs are extremely durable. They last hundreds of years. Clay tiles are also durable although not as much as slate. You can use them as roofing materials and  can afford to forget about roofing for your lifetime. That means no waste in your lifetime. 

4. Metal Roofing

The biggest advantage of using metal roofing is that it can be recycled again. 

They are also durable and can easily last for atleast 50 years, so that there is less waste. They’re also fire resistant. You can also use metal roof if you’re harvesting rain water. Metal roofs are also preferable for winter season because snow can slide off easily. 

5. Solar Cells In Roofing Materials 

If you’re looking to save energy cost as well as use eco-friendly options, your best bet is to use Solar cells in roofing materials. You can embed solar cells within your roofing materials like metal roof, shingles. You can save energy cost due to production of solar energy by these solar cells.  

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